Curious Chef®
The Curious Chef® brand inspires a love of cooking in kids, by providing fun, safe, easy-to-use and appropriately sized kitchen tools for children ages five and older. At Curious Chef®, we believe that teaching children to cook helps build a foundation for many essential life skills. Learning to cook helps kids build self-esteem, develop healthy eating habits, learn basic math skills and develops their growing vocabulary. Additionally, cooking together fosters stronger relationships with family and friends and helps cultivate the all-important skills of listening to and following directions.
Crisp is a bold, new collection of over 27 fruit and vegetable cooking tools that transforms tedious kitchen prep to a world of delicious possibilities, uniquely engineered to save time, ensure great results, and provide an enjoyable food prepping experience.
Bottle Buddy®
Affordable bulk water racking systems made in the USA. These unique products, with a modular design, are the perfect and safe way to store three and five gallon water bottles.