Food Prep Tools

All dream kitchens should include the perfect food prep tools from bowls, colanders, measuring cups, and even pan scrapers for cleaning. Tailor Made Product’s user-friendly, multipurpose, durable mixing bowls and kitchen colanders are dishwasher safe, and come in a variety of easy-to-store sizes. The multiple sizes of these handy food prep tools will stack neatly into your kitchen cabinet. You know how sometimes when you open your Tupperware cabinet looking for that one lid and everything comes crashing down on top of your head? That won’t happen with our products. Not only are our kitchen tools and supplies beautiful and affordable, but they are also practical and can be easily organized and stored into any size kitchen. Our three quart designer plastic bowls fit perfectly into the extra large mixing bowl, which holds seven quarts. TMP’s large mixing bowls serve as perfect plastic salad bowls, or as an extra large mixing bowl for those times you feel like skipping the salad and whipping up a batch of brownies.

We hope you find our kitchen tools and supplies as beautiful as they are affordable. Support USA-made products and purchase yours today.