Our durable plastic hangers will be the perfect complement to your closet organization efforts. Because of the molded plastic of all of our hangers, your clothing will not be creased like they would be with a wire hanger. Our 30-pack of adult hangers at only $8.99 will ensure you’ll never run out of hangers after doing laundry ever again. And we all know that’s the worst. However, unfortunately we can’t quite help you find that one missing sock. We have a different type of hanger for each one of your clothes hanging needs, including coat hangers, skirt hangers, trouser hangers and kid-sized hangers, for little shirts and little pants. Each kid-sized hanger pack of ten is only $3.49, because we know your little ones won’t stay miniature forever. Our “Mighty Hanger” brand features supreme durability, for your heaviest clothing items, because of the stability bar in the middle of the hanger. In addition to stability, this bar can serve as a belt holder when trying to put an outfit together. This versatile hanger also comes with strap hooks to keep your wide-necked and strappy clothing from sliding off and pooling on the floor in your closet.

As with all of Tailor Made Products, our hangers are made in the USA in our facility in Wisconsin. Our mission is to provide affordable products of exceptional value. Since 1994, we strive to maintain our customers’ highest satisfaction by upholding our founding principles of honesty, integrity, reliability, collaborative spirit, independent thinking, candor and outstanding value.