Designer Line

Designer jeans, designer purses—the word “designer” almost always triples the price tag on a product. At Tailor Made Products, our Designer Line offers beautiful, designer-quality kitchen utensil products at an affordable price. The Designer Line of kitchen tools features hands-free colanders (so you can use both hands to wash those fruits and veggies or drain your pastas), slotted spoon drains, ladles, spatulas and more. The ergonomic kitchen tools will make even the clumsiest home cooks look like pros. There are grip handles on each product, as well as wide mouths to ensure there is no spilling and dripping.

Tailor Made Products guarantees professional quality at an affordable price, and our Designer Line will make you feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen. The sleek designs are begging to be displayed, and each kitchen utensil has a loop hole in the handle to display your kitchen tools with ease. Showcase the sleek beauty of the designer line utensils and make your dinner guests jealous.

All of Tailor Mades Products' are made with care in the USA, in the heart of America’s dairyland in Elroy, WI. Our employees practice the values of honesty, integrity and dependability and our staff focuses on the customer’s safety and satisfaction with every product. Tailor Made Products' commitment to customer satisfaction and providing home cooks with inspirational, beautiful and affordable kitchen tools shines through in the ways they work with customers and the quality of the products.