Stainless Steel Line

Our Stainless Steel kitchen utensils line offers elegance and durability to all home cooks. You’ll receive professional-grade looks and quality at an inexpensive price. Like Tailor Made Product's' other kitchen products, which are BPA free, our stainless steel line is manufactured to include the same easy-to-use, soft touch button grips with an ergonomic handles and non-scratch finish. However, this line of cooking utensils includes the durability of stainless steel for a polished look. Offering home cooks elegance, yet functionality of a perfect kitchen utensil. The stainless steel line of kitchen tools are dishwasher safe, and buyers have the option of a black or red soft touch button grip handle, adding a little pizazz to your kitchen utensils. Instead of shoving these cooking utensils in a messy drawer, put these beauties on display. The stainless steel line offers hook holes at the top of each of our unique kitchen tools, making it easy to have a clean, organized kitchen.

Take advantage of our steal of a deal, the stainless steel utensil eight piece set which will set you back less than $30. You’ll be prepared to cook and serve any dish in the kitchen, because this eight pack set includes the essential cooking tools every home cook needs, such as a slotted spoon, a slotted turner, a stainless steel masher, a basting spoon, meat fork, pasta fork, and a solid turner. You’ll be serving perfectly drained pastas and meats, and flipping pancakes and mashing potatoes in no time – like a true chef!

Every home cook deserves gourmet cooking supplies, and Tailor Made Product’s stainless steel line provides gourmet quality kitchen tools at an affordable price, all manufactured in the USA.