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  • Multi-Use Tools for Small Kitchens

    Multi-Use Tools for Small Kitchens

    When you have a small kitchen, having an individual or specialized tool for each task just isn’t an option. With small kitchens, multi-use tools are key to making the most of your space while still being able to craft master meals.

    If you find yourself pressed for space, think twice before you buy a new kitchen gadget and invest in this multi-purpose kitchen tools. Even simple everyday items that you’d normally stock in your kitchen can be multi-purpose if you get creative and plan carefully.

  • Your Guide to the Different Types of Pasta

    Your Guide to the Different Types of Pasta

    Open your pantry and odds are you’ll see at least one type of pasta ready and waiting to whip up a scrumptious meal. This dinner-time staple is the perfect base for a range of flavors – from hearty tomato sauces to light olive oil and veggie dishes. You can also serve pasta cold in a salad for an easy lunch. It’s typically quick and easy to make but also holds loads of possibility for fancy dinner party dishes. The versatility of pasta has earned it its spot as a forever favorite.

  • Easy, Creative Food Presentation and Serving Ideas

    Easy, Creative Food Presentation and Serving Ideas

    You know the scene well: You walk into a party thrown by that one host and quietly wonder to yourself if they secretly moonlight as a food stylist. Where you’d be pleased that you put out a table cloth and have enough napkins, this host has managed to pull a party presentation straight off the pages of the latest food magazine.

    Don’t worry, next time it’s your turn to host the party, your presentation can look just as put together and trendy as “that” friend – without spending weeks or hundreds of dollars. Take your setup to the next level by embracing these fun and easy food presentation and serving ideas.

  • [Infographic] Kitchen Essentials: Must-Have Cooking Tools

    Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a master chef, you won't get very far without having the right cooking and kitchen tools on hand. From the simple, everyday tools to more advanced appliances that let you prepare specialty ingredients, here are some kitchen essentials no home cook should be without.

  • Essential Backyard Cookout Tools

    Essential Backyard Cookout Tools

    The days are longer, the weather’s warmer, and it’s backyard cookout time! As you clean up the grill and clean off the patio table also make time to take inventory of your cooking tools to ensure you have everything your need before you next family cookout or backyard party.

    To make taking inventory easier, break your list up into two sections: prepping tools and serving tools.

  • Are Kale and Quinoa Over?

    Are Kale and Quinoa Over?

    Like all trends, food trends come and go. As specific dishes, ingredients, flavors, and presentations begin appearing in popular restaurants, they’re quickly adopted by home chefs who want to eat well and impress dinner guests.

    In recent years, it seems that the food scene has been dominated by a few big players and trends. For a while, kale and quinoa seemed to be on every menu – both eating out and at home. Craft cocktails, locally sourced meat and produce, and trendy desserts were everywhere you turned. Love it or hate it, you just can’t get away from a popular food trend.

  • Fun Theme Party Ideas

    Fun Theme Party Ideas

    Dinner parties are great, but why not spice up your next gathering by adding a special twist or theme. We all loved themed parties as kids so there’s no reason the fun needs to stop now!

    Here are a few ideas to bring the themed party out of children and into adulthood. Now you don’t have to wait for the holidays to decorate the house, dress up and have some fun with your family, friends, and neighbors.

  • 7 Easy Kitchen Upcycle Ideas

    7 Easy Kitchen Upcycle Ideas

    For the environmentally conscious, upcycling is a great way to reduce waste. Taking a look around your kitchen is likely to turn up tons of upcycling opportunities, many of which have the added benefit of adding charm and function to your kitchen in the process. Here are a few ways to keep old jars, cans, boxes, and kitchen utensils out of the landfill and in your home in a new, functional way.

  • Hosting the Ultimate Championship Game Party

    Hosting the Ultimate Championship Game Party

    Coming together with good friends and family for the ultimate sports game gathering is a special time that people plan ahead for and look forward to. No matter which game it may be, watching your favorite teams compete – especially in the championship match – is a favorite pastime. If you’ve decided to host the viewing party, there are many strategies you can use to maximize this time together that will in turn create long lasting memories. Here are a few ways you can provide the best possible experience for your guests as they root on their favorite team!

  • The Importance of Staying Hydrated Through the Winter

    The Importance of Staying Hydrated Through the Winter

    Water is one of our basic primal needs for survival, alongside food and shelter. In fact, 60% of the adult body consists of just water!

    Without water we simply do not have enough energy to power through the basic daily needs for bodily functions. While each individual may vary slightly in the specific amount of water they require, all human beings must constantly hydrate in order to be healthy.