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  • Reducing Food Waste at Home

    Reducing Food Waste at Home

    Did you know that on average, Americans waste 40% of food overall? And not only that, but 95% of our food waste ends up in a landfill and it adds up to a loss of $165 billion annually. Yikes! So why should we reduce food waste? It saves us money; reduces methane emissions from landfills; conserves energy and resources because it prevents pollution from transporting, growing and manufacturing food; and you can support your community by donating food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Sounds pretty good right? Take a look at ways to reduce the amount of food you’re wasting at home.

  • The College Kid’s Survival Guide to Essential Dorm Room Kitchen Tools

    The College Kid’s Survival Guide to Essential Dorm Room Kitchen Tools

    Congratulations! Either you or your child has been accepted to college. It’s a fun and scary time for everyone. Mom and Dad letting their kid leave home and live elsewhere for the first time, and the kid having their first taste of freedom.

    Most college kids arrive on the first day/night away from home and excitedly begin to unpack and get settled into their dorm room. While they’re hanging out and meeting new friends, suddenly, they look at the clock and it's! And they forgot to eat dinner and the dining room is closed! In that moment, they finally appreciate their parents for cooking dinner for them every night and making sure they ate. There are two types of college kids in this situation, the panicky one, because they might have to go hungry until breakfast tomorrow, and the responsible one, who is happy they checked out this list of essential kitchen tools for the dorm room.