Multi-Use Tools for Small Kitchens

When you have a small kitchen, having an individual or specialized tool for each task just isn’t an option. With small kitchens, multi-use tools are key to making the most of your space while still being able to craft master meals.

If you find yourself pressed for space, think twice before you buy a new kitchen gadget and invest in this multi-purpose kitchen tools. Even simple everyday items that you’d normally stock in your kitchen can be multi-purpose if you get creative and plan carefully.


A decent sized colander can serve a variety of purposes. Besides just draining your pasta, you can use it as a slotted basket for rinsing lettuce, berries and other produce. You can also use it for smaller items that need to be strained or rinsed (like rice) by lining the inside with cheese cloth. The cheese cloth might seem like a splurge but it’s extremely easy to store and doesn’t take up much space, making it perfect for small kitchens.

If you’re really pressed for space, consider a collapsible colander or choose one you like the look of and leave it on your counter as a stand-in fruit basket.

Wooden Cutting Board

A solid cutting board is vital to protecting your counters while you slice, dice and prep. But choosing the right cutting board can turn this utilitarian tool into a convenient multi-use piece.

Splurge on a wooden cutting board with some character. A nice cutting board can be used as a cutting board, but also for food presentation. Dedicate one side to prep and one side to serving so you always have a nice side without cut marks when it’s time to present your appetizers.

A cutting board that’s large enough can also sit over your sink, expanding your usable counter space.

Mixing Bowl Set

A nesting set of mixing bowls takes up the same storage space as a single bowl but gives you a variety of sizes to work with. A nice set of mixing bowls can be used for prep and serving and having multiple sizes means you have more options to fit each task.

Invest in a matching set so they sit together nicely and look put together when used for serving.

Box Grater

While we typically think about using graters for cheese, a box grater with a different grating style on each side can replace multiple tools in your kitchen.

The smallest-hole side is similar to a zester and is perfect for zesting citrus fruit. The side with a long open can often stand in as a make-shift mandolin for thin slicing produce. And, of course, you can always use it to grate cheese to the perfect size.

Tools with Built-In Tools

You don’t have a lot of storage space in a small kitchen, so look for tools that have additional tools stored inside them.

For instance, Tailor Made Product’s Crisp Cooking line makes multifunctional kitchen tools like a zester than performs four functions but is smaller than the average kitchen knife. Or the melon knife that features a seed scoop tucked away in the handle.

When you have a small kitchen with limited drawer, counter, and cabinet space, the key is to get creative and be picky about the kitchen tools you buy.

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