Every mindful consumer wants made in the USA products. Luckily for the mindful consumer, our kitchen tools and cooking products – made in the USA – are beautiful, durable, and are guaranteed to have been made ethically in our own manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. For a product to be considered made in the USA, every aspect of each product — which includes all of the materials, the packaging and any working parts — has to be made and developed in the United States. Our cooking tools and products fit all of these criteria.

Tailor Made Products is doing its part to help America’s economy by manufacturing all our products located in this section of the website in the USA, which creates more jobs at home. Plus we are proud to bring jobs back to America. Recently, Tailor Made Products has re-shored seven of its products, with plans to bring back even more in the near future.

Mindful consumers can rest easy knowing that their money is staying at home and going to other hard working Americans. Every home cook deserves gourmet cooking supplies, and Tailor Made Product’s ‘made in the USA’ kitchen products provide gourmet quality kitchen tools at an affordable price. From our cutting boards, to our bread slicer to our mixing bowls, everything is made with the customer in mind, and all in the USA.

The water cooler isn’t designated to an office environment anymore thanks to Tailor Made Product’s water bottle racks, Bottle Buddy. Our Bottle Buddy products include a 5 gallon water bottle storage rack, storage containers, and other accessories for all your water bottle storage container needs.

The Bottle Buddy line offers a 12 pack bottle racking system — the perfect way to store your bulk supply of bottles when you’re short on storage space. And who isn’t short on storage space in offices? Everybody could use more storage solutions! If 12 slots aren’t enough for you, you can buy additional Bottle Buddy trays in either black or white to match your current racking system and store all your water bottles in one easy, convenient location.

Live in an old home with original hardwood floors? No problem! We know how important it is to preserve that beautiful wood. Our water storage containers can be fitted with a floor protection kit to protect your floors. There is no scratching from the containers when using the floor protection kit, plus water will not leak onto the floor.

Note:The cost of Bottle Buddy does not count towards the $50 free shipping promotion.