Every mindful consumer wants made in the USA products. Luckily for the mindful consumer, our kitchen tools and cooking products – made in the USA – are beautiful, durable, and are guaranteed to have been made ethically in our own manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. Read More


Every home cook deserves gourmet cooking tools that are both visually stimulating and broadly affordable. Tailor Made’s wide selection of kitchen products provides consumers with all the tools they may need to whip up delicious meals.


Our hangers are created with molded plastic, which reduces the creases that can be caused by wire hangers. Each hanger is created for a different type of clothing, from kid’s outfits, heavy coats, to strappy dresses and has a cross bar that’s designed for hanging pants or skirts.


Consumers’ needs are the main inspiration for all of our kitchen tools. We proudly manufacture a wide variety of kitchen utensil options to fit each customers’ budget. Our tools are designed for maximum usability and created with style, ease and comfort in mind.

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