Adult Hanger - 10 Pack

Adult Hanger 10 Pack - White

Proudly made in the USA, the 10-pack of adult hangers comes in both black and white color options.

THG40009 White

THG40010 Black

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Product Details

The 10-pack adult hangers offer just the right amount of hangers for a coat closet or guest room. It provides a sleek and unified look for any space. The inset strap hook also makes this hanger versatile for a variety of neck sizes and strap options. The cross bar is the perfect place to fold over a pair of dress pants or a skirt, and the molded plastic reduces the appearance of creases that can be caused by wire coat hangers.

  • Dimensions: 9.3” L x 16.3” W x 2.5” H

  • Made in the USA