Nylon Stainless Steel Skimmer

Black Stainless Steel Nylon Skimmer
Black Stainless Steel Nylon Skimmer Red Stainless Steel Nylon Skimmer

Our Nylon Stainless Steel Skimmer offers a stylish and sturdy way to easily remove fat and strain water that heats up to 400°F.

TKN10402 Black

TKN10416 Red

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Product Details

Easily remove fat and strain out water with the Nylon Stainless Steel Skimmer. The large nylon head makes for quick skimming and stays heat resistant up to 400°F. The stainless steel handle is both stylish and sturdy, while its curved design provides an ideal sifting angle. The nylon handle is constructed with a thumb rest and thick palming base for ergonomic handling. The handle also features a hanging loop for convenient storage. Whether you’re preparing delicious soups or cooking up some pasta favorites, the Nylon Stainless Steel Skimmer is the perfect tool for the job!

  • Dimensions: 13.22" L x 4.12" W x 1.92" H

  • Features Soft Touch Handles

  • Durable Construction

  • Nylon Parts are Heat Safe up to 400°F

  • Made in the USA

  • Dishwasher Safe & BPA Free